Children's Issues




This deals with the day to day care of dependant children. It is best for both parents to have joint custody of the children and usually the children reside most of the time with one parent where contact time is either agreed or decided by Court Order for the other parent.


The interest of the children are always paramount and it is up to the Court to decide what is in the best current and future interest of the children. Grandparents can also apply to the Court for access or contact to grandchildren.




By Law, either spouse can look for maintenance from the other.

The District Court can award up to €500.00 per week to the spouse and €150.00 per week to a child.


Maintenance will be decided by both parties filing a statement of financial affairs with the Court. If a spouse fails to pay maintenance an attachment of earnings order can be made by the Court to the employer so that the amount can be deducted from that persons salary or from social welfare payments.


Children are entitled to maintenance up to 18 years or 23 years if in full time education.